0 to Laughter in 2.4 seconds

The Speed Bent is a design experiment to thrill riders.

Low to the ground, with the seat in the rear, small, light and lack of friction allow it to be pedaled with ease. The result is instant euphoric laughter in seconds of riding it.

See It In Action

First time riding the Speed Bent.

Aerospace grade body is made of wing spar aluminum, one of the strongest materials with a tensile strength greater than most steel. The super stiff body houses all the running gear inside it. Internal drive system is low friction requiring no oil or grease. Forged subassemblies complete the package.

The backrest & seat adjust by moving up, down, forward and backwards and able to take loads of 240 lbs. Both fold and can be removed off the bike with one pin. The handle bar extends for reach and can be ordered with an adjustable extension, allowing anyone 5 ft to 6.3″ ft in height to ride comfortably.

The body folds in half but unlike other bikes, this one separates the crank drive from the body to fold into a shape that fits into more spaces than anything of this complexity has a right to do.

You can actually put it into those spaces because the lack of oil, grease, chains, sprockets, protrusions and the grime of those aspects simply don’t exist on this machine.